Tiger and Cloud
Written by: Erik Allgöwer 

By genetic engineering, a group of scientists have developed a synthetic

gaseous fuel, called “Biologically Altered Natural Gas“, commonly referred

to as “BANG". To achieve this goal they manipulated the genetic code of a

bacterium called 'Escherichia Coli', a germ wildly distributed on this planet.

Soon enough some of these altered bacteria escape the production sites and

induce the same genetic changes in the wild forms of Escherichia Coli, who

in their turn start to produce 'Bang'. A runaway effect of 'BANG' production

takes place all over the planet Earth up the an altitude between five and seven

thousand feet, below which life becomes impossible for humans. In the area of

Bumthang in Bhutan the famous “TIGER FORCE" is deployed to stem the tide

of lowland refugees from India and incursions of the Chinese “Dragon Force“

from the North.

Tiger and Monk
Written by: Erik Allgöwer 

The Silk Letter of the Ming Empress has laid buried deep in the

archives of the Vatican for centuries. The exclusive knowledge of

its existence and its potential global significance was known to but

a few. In the 1980’s it is a group of Tibetan monks who rekindle

knowledge of this letter.

In his book Erik Allgöwer places Bhutan on a global center stage as

the custodian of this secret. The author skillfully builds upon the

existing conditions in Bhutan in the 1980s to tell a fantastic tale of

the dogged and often bungling members of an international

group who are in a race to locate this secret letter. A race that

pitches distinguished Tibetologists against wily Jesuits, while fake

diplomats compete with hardcore spies as their paths criss-cross.

Unbeknownst to all, throughout their journey, the eyes of the

Tigers watch them closely. Erik Allgöwer’s fast paced thriller will

enthrall Bhutanese and Bhutan enthusiasts alike.

Dawa - The Story of a Stray Dog in Bhutan
Written by: Kunzang Choden

Dawa looks like just another scruffy Thimphu street dog, but don’t

be fooled: he understands Dzongkha, he has an urge to see the

world and his bigger-than-normal brain is matched only by his

compassionate heart. His is an extraordinary life; follow its tragic

beginnings to his ascensions as the Legendary Leader of Howling

in Thimphu, to the miracle that saves him. Dawa’s story will appeal

to all who have experienced life’s rigors - but have never given up

hope on the possibilities.

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Enchanted by Bhutan
Written by: Yoshiro Imaeda

In the recent years there has been a surge in publications on

Bhutan. Yoshiro Imaeda’s Enchanted by Bhutan is a

refreshingly different take on a country he understands and

loves deeply. This book is the personal account of his experiences

spanning a period of 30 years beginning from 1978.

It was his resolute determination that made it possible for

him to come to Bhutan when entry to the country was still

restricted. He then stayed in Bhutan for ten years working

as advisor to the National Library of Bhutan.

Imaeda, a well reputed scholar on Buddhism, combines his

scholastic knowledge and candid insights with great sensitivity

as he discusses Bhutan’s transition from a medieval

country into the 21st century. The book was originally written

in Japanese for a Japanese audience. Throughout the

book Imaeda compares Bhutan to his own country Japan.

The two most important people in his book are the Fourth

King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck to whom he dedicates the

book and his teacher, Lam Pema-la, one of the most respected

and knowledgeable monk-historians in the country.

Imaeda had the rare privilege of receiving private audiences

with both the Fourth and Fifth Kings during his stay in

Bhutan. His private meetings with the two Kings enhanced

and heightened his understanding of Bhutan’s development.

Through his interactions with Lam Pena-la, about whom he

writes with affection and admiration, he gained insights

into the Bhutanese spiritual philosophy.

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The Successors of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel - Hereditary Heirs and Reincarnations
Written by: Yoshiro Imaeda

Most Bhutanese know Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel

as a religious leader and the founder of the Bhutanese

nation. Yoshiro Imaeda’s compelling and holistic portrayal

of this highly accomplished religious master and

shrewd political leader offers a rarely explored aspect

of the most important historical figure in Bhutan. The

book’s emphasis is on the battles over succession and

the political machinations that followed his death and

ultimately set the course for the next two centuries of

Bhutanese history. Imaeda carefully traces how these

political complexities lead to the legitimization of succession

through reincarnation.

This book is based on research Yoshiro Imaeda carried

out for his PhD thesis published in French in

1987. The author, wishing to share his personal views

of Zhabdrung’s legacy, decided to translate and reorganize

his dissertation for a more general audience.

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Written by: Alex Rothman

Dorji is just another ordinary Class IX boy growing up in rural

Bhutan. Like many other Bhutanese boys his age he likes playing

football with friends and watching action movies but is not very

fond of public speaking, reading book

s or thinking about where

the future might take him.

However the Class IX turns his life upside down and Dorji soon

finds himself wanting to make changes that will take him in

surprising new directions.

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....folden into a paper boat
a collection of Poetry from Bhutan
Editen by: Dolma C. Roder, Kunzang Choki and Sonam Deki

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